Ballet Full Sole Leather Shoes (Ophelia)


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Ophelia Standard leather ballet shoe with elastic attached, leather upper, and suede soles.
  • Full suede sole
  • Leather ballet shoes
  • Pre-attached elastics
  • Easy to fit - just order your regular shoe size
  • C stands for Child sizes
  • A stands for Adult sizes

NOPHE Ophelia ballet shoes from Roch Valley. Great value - featuring suede full soles, leather uppers, and pre-attached elastics. Roch Valley NOPHE offers a hard-wearing, comfortable shoe that is perfect for ballet class. It's easy to choose the correct size - just order your normal outdoor shoe size!

Junior Sizes:
4C  5C  6C  7C  8C  9C  9.5C  10C  10.5C  11C  11.5C  12C  12.5C  13C  13.5C  1C  1.5C  2C  2.5C 3C 3.5C
Adult Sizes:
4A  4.5A  5A  5.5A  6A  6.5A  7A  7.5A  8A  8.5A  9A  9.5A  10A  10.5A  11A
Colour: Pink, White or Black