Low Heel PU Tap Shoes


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LHP PU tap shoe with fitted toe and heel taps.
  • PU tap shoe
  • Fitted toe taps
  • Fitted heel taps
  • Perfect for general tap class and exams

The Roch Valley LHP PU tap shoes with low heel. Featuring padded insoles and lining for both comfort and long lasting performance, Roch Valley's tap shoes come with fitted toe and heel taps, and a traditional lace tie. LHP is recommended for dancers of any age and ability - and is considered one of the best selling dance wear products.

Junior Sizes:
5C  6C  7C  8C  9C  9.5C  10C  10.5C  11C  11.5C  12C  12.5C  13C  13.5C  1C  1.5C  2C  2.5C 3C 3.5C
Adult Sizes:
4A  4.5A  5A  5.5A  6A  6.5A  7A  7.5A  8A